zaterdag 24 december 2011

warlog xmas 2011

it's that time of year again.....
7 pages, 8 mb
download here:

and enjoy !


annual xmas card is here:

woensdag 14 december 2011

Titan Transformers UK issue 4.3, Januari 2011

"Cold as Ice."

Titan Transformers UK issue 4.3, Januari 2011.

Script: Robin Etherington
Art: Jeremy Tiongson
Lettering: ComicCraft

I recieved this comic by post yesterday and I will waste no more time!

Page 01:
Free gifts:
- Transformers Prime Disk Blaster. Cool gun! I'm almost tempted to open the package and play with it.
Cover features PRIME promo art of Bumblebee and Arcee
Page 02-03: Index Page.
Page 04-05: there's a Bulkhead Profile, a photo mash up puzzle.
Page 06: Titan Magazines xmas offer advert
Page 07-10: Part one of the the strip begins.

"Ice Breaker"
Scripting by Etherington and art by Tiongson, Agent Fowler enlists/asks the Autobots
to help him return a stolen nuclear powered ship, stolen by Megatron and Starscream, somewhere near the South Pole. Meanwhile, Bulkhead and Arcee join the kids for some xmas fun.

Page 11: Star Wars The Clone Wars Magazine advert
Page 12-13: Part 3 of the PRIME episode guide, reviewing Darkness rising part 3. Also a micro quiz:
Page 14: Nerf Blaster competition.
Page 15: Ice Age Mammoth dvd and Spooky X-ray Model kits Competitions.
Page 16: one page Kre-o Transformers comic.
Page 17-20: Posters of Prime and Bumblebee
Page 21: Another puzzle page. 'spot the difference' and 'crack the code'
Page 22: Simpsons comic advert
Page 23-26: Part 2 of the strip!
Page 27-29: The letterpages, hosted by Megamouth Megatron (PRIME version) with a little help from Arcee (also PRIME version).
Page 30-31: Raf's Codebreaker, decipher the code and help Raf locate Jack, who is lost in New York.
Page 32: Miko's Wordsearch puzzle.
Page 33: Next issue blurb which looks like a Starscream cover.
Page 34: Dark of the Moon dvd/blueray advert
Page 35: Prime puzzle, put the missing pieces of the photo in place.
Page 36: On this page are so-called Bot and Con baubles to cut out and hang in your xmas tree, features Bumblebee, Prime, Bulkhead, Megatron Starscream and Soundwave.

and finally......drumroll:

a Merry Megatron Mask ! to cut out and wear to scare your parents into oblivion!

Conclusion: I really liked Megatron Mask, sadly I did not care as much about the strip as I wanted to.

score: 6.5 out of 10

-Johan time... the Transformers UK 2012 Annual ....

dinsdag 13 december 2011

Titan Transformers UK issue 4.2, December 2011

"Don't mention the war."

Titan Transformers UK issue 4.2, December 2011.

Script: Robin Etherington
Art: Horacio Domingues
Colour: Perayra Nestor
Lettering: ComicCraft

Allright, this review's a bit late but beter late than never, right ?

I recieved this comic by post sometime last november and I will get right into it!

Free gifts:
- Transformers Prime missile launcher. Yay!(sarcasm) another foam missile to be launched from a squeeze activating plastic tube variation, but then again I am not the main demographic and I can imagine the kids loving this. I received by mistake another copy of issue 4.1 and gave it to my nephews and they were both very happy with it.

This is a Transformers Prime comic.
Want proof?
A full cover featuring PRIME promo art of Megatron with a firery background

The Index page isn't really that I'll skip that !

On Page 04, we get an introduction to the PRIME human characters, a missing piece puzzle and on Page 07 the the strip begins.

"War Story"
Scripting by Etherington and surprisingly strong art by Domingues, Sari is badgering Prime for a juicy tale about Megatron, prevebly of him going postal or ape as she calls it. It's not quite what she gets.

The strip is interrupted on Page 11 by a psp ad and part 2 of the PRIME episode guide, reviewing Darkness rising part 2. Also a micro quiz:
1 Who becomes a zombie robot ?
2 Which Autobot smashes a piece of Ratchet's equipment ?
3 Who blows up the energon mine ?
Thankfully, the answers are on the same page ;) followed on the next page by a 'game of the goose' style board game and, I have to say, an excellent TFPrime Megatron poster.

Page 18 has a competition to win the Dark of the Moon dvd and page 19 has a Kre-o transformers competition

Again followed by 2 competitions to win, the Transformers UK 2012 Annual and Mars-The Ultimate adventure book !

Another puzzle on Page 22 but Page 23 is part 2 of the strip! Prime reveals that Megatron's actions had him so distracted that Megatron manages to rescue his squad and detonate a bomb with repercussions for Optimus Prime.

followed by the letterpages, hosted by Megamouth Megatron (PRIME version) with a little help from Arcee (also PRIME version).

Starscream's wordsearch is on Page 30 with next issue and kre-o ads on Pages 31 and 32

Conclusion: I really liked the strip, unexpected character development for Megatron which I think is rarely seen in a kids comic.

score: 7 out of 10

-Johan time...the Xmas it today, review soon!