zaterdag 3 maart 2012

Titan Transformers UK issue 4.6, April 2012

"What an intolerable failure of a machine !"

Titan Transformers UK issue 4.6, April 2012.

Script: Robin Etherington
Art: Dario Brizuela
Lettering: ComicCraft

I recieved this comic by post Friday the 2nd of march. First thought was "Have I seen the free gift before ?"

Page 01:
Free gifts:
- Transformers Prime Battle Blaster. Cool looking gun.

Cover features PRIME promo art of Starsream and tucked away under the free gift, a drawn picture of Optimus !
Page 02-03: Index Page.
Page 04-05: Starscream Profile and Starscream 'spot the difference' puzzle.(his profile suggests him to be a flipflopper of sorts. First wanting to become a Prime, then the all powerfull leader of the Decepticons.

Page 06: Titan Magazines - Simpsons Magazine subscription - advert
Page 07-10: Part one of the the strip begins.

"All the president's 'Bots !"
Scripting by Etherington and art by Brizuela, Everything starts aboard the Nemesis, where Starscream gets scoffed by Megatron (HAIL!) and gets the task of finding the Autobots.
He then gets the incredible idea of kidnapping the American(female - how liberal) president. He does this by pumping sleeping ges into the aircraft. Early next morning the Autobots get a wake up call from Agent Fowler to go and rescue the president. Prime thinks he knows where to find him so they go to the Grand Canyon. "Where the old warriors twice fell" referring to an ancient cybertronian battle that split the canyon in two and ofcourse the recent fight Prime and Ratchet had in the Darkness miniseries.(Prime, Season 1, ep 3 and 4) They go into the canyon and then face an ambush by Starscream and the drones, pointing artillery cannons at them! to be continued on page 23

Page 11: Titan Magazines -get 2 transformers with subscription- offer advert.
Page 12-13: Part 6 of the PRIME episode guide, reviewing Masters and Students. Also a micro quiz.
Page 14-15: Win Transformers figures competition. Prime figures! Deluxe and Voyager class.
Page 16: Starscream's Stumpers! part 1: Megatron(HAIL!) 'spot the difference' puzzle

Page 17 + 20: Transformers Prime mini poster featuring Mighty Megatron(HAIL!) starscream and piles of energon to a desert background
Page 18 + 19: Transformers Prime mini poster featuring Bumblebee Busting out !

Page 21: Starscream's Stumpers! part 2: Bits and bots, recognize bots within 2 minutes. and a 'Find Niko'maze puzzles.
Page 22: Titan Magazines back order advert.

Page 23-26: Part 2 of the strip! Autobots under siege from cannon fire! But Prime has a plan. Bumblebee and and Arcee must deal with the cannons while Bulkhead and Ratchet are to protect the plane containing about 60 passangers. Bumblebee and Arcee jump over the cannons and attack them from behind, giving Prime a chance to go after Starscream. Prime overpowers Starscream and rescues the still asleep President. After this defeat, Starscream leaves (with some damage to his right arm/wing) and the Autobots decide to go before "the humans wake up and get the fright of their lives".

Page 27-29: The letterpages, hosted by Megamouth Megatron(HAIL!) (PRIME version) with a little help from Arcee (also PRIME version).
Page 30-31: Rachet and the Vehicons! Get ratchet to ammo before going to the vehicon HQ puzzle.
Page 32: Road to the White House! Optimus must get to the White House to protect the president and avoid the vehicons. a maze puzzle.
Page 33: Next issue blurb which looks like a Megatron(HAIL!) centric cover. but then I was wrong every time....
Page 34: StarWars Magazine advert featuring Episode 1 and Clone wars imagery.
Page 35: Awesome PRIME Wordsearch. actually just a plain wordsearch....
Page 35-36: a Bot bookmark for use with books, you know those blocks of paper with words in them.
Page 36: Build Optimus ! cut out the parts and assemble them. looks like a fun item!

Conclusion: Good Comic strip, again, simple and fun! Toy was actually cool! extra fun also really contributed, the bookmark a favorite and the build Optimus feature. I won't use these ofcourse because I don't want to cut int`q1 o this issue

score: 7.7 out of 10