maandag 30 november 2015

Project Weight 2015-11-30

Hi everyone,

Now I begin a series of blogs about my weight.

My current weight is 105.5 Kilograms and my ideal weight, considering my length of 1.85 meters would be 85 Kilograms.

Currently, I would be pleased to hang around the 92 kilgrams area but my main goal is to reach under 100 Kilograms.

How will I do this ? Eating healthier, meaning less carbs and walking the dog regularly for about 30 minutes a day, not counting the normal (short)walks but every day a 30 minute walk 1 one go.

I will share recipes and tips in the coming months.

Let's start and see how far this goes.

I start at 105.5 Kg on 30-11-2015