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zondag 13 november 2011

Books Galore 2 !

Food for bookworms....

I received a package from, again, DeSlegte bookshops, now containing:

Isaac Asimov's Robot City part 01: Odyssee by Michael P. Kube-McDowell

Title: Odyssee (Originally Odyssey)
Published in Holland: 1994 (Originally published: 1985)
Publisher: Meulenhoff

A man without memory stranded is on a chilling cold asteroid . His only chance to survive is connect with a robot colony on the verge of destroying itself.

The man named Derec, and his search for his past leads him to the farthest reaches of the universe: the spaceship to the relentless alien Aranimas, the mysterious bureaucracy Station Rockcliffe and the infinite emptiness of Perihelion.

Until he finally ends up in a city different from all other cities he has ever known. A futuristic world populated by robots and controlled by a technology that no one ever imagined it could be ... Robot City.


Isaac Asimov's Robot City part 02: Moordzaken by Mike McQuay

Title: Moordzaken (Originally Suspicion)
Published in Holland: 1995 (Originally published: 1987)
Publisher: Meulenhoff

Derec, a man without memory, becomes adrift in a world populated almost exclusively by robots, driven by a technology that no one ever thought possible: Robot City.

The main guidelines for the residents of Robot City are the Three Laws of Robotics rational, responsibly designed by engineers and inserted. But the behavior of the robots is not always rational.

That man is Derec painfully clear when he is accused is informed of a murder he may have simply not committed. Unfortunately for him, the robot laws are relentless ...

As you might imagine they are both in dutch language since I am dutch but I am really pleased to have the serie complete ! Book 1 was missing for several years and is in fact hard to come by. Book 2 not so much but it is a replacement since my old copy has water damage. As another note the complete serie is been reported to be on sale for € 90 (USD 123,75)

on to series 2 !!

thanks to google translate and for making this enrty easier.

donderdag 10 november 2011

Books Galore !


Spent the previous sunday in Zwolle where I visited DeSlegte, a bookstore, and they had some cool stuff !


101 SciFi movies by Steven Jay Schneider.

A fun little factoid book covering diverse films fromm 1900-2006 for example: Robocop, Westworld but also some french and italian films as La Decima Vittima (10th victim)


Foundation and Chaos by Greg Bear

A hardcover edition of the so-called 'second foundation' trilogy. I have the trilogy in dutch language that I bought straight from the local bookshop but now I've found an english edition of part 2 of the trilogy.

Of course never as good as the regular foundation series but still very very good.

- Johan
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