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donderdag 26 augustus 2010

Transformers confrontation page 02, 03 and 04 of 04

The three remaining pages of my story for the newly restarted Transmasters Magazine.

The full story is also in the Fall edition of the Transmasters magazine.
The Fall issue out now,download link is below.


now it's time for some messages:

Transmasters magazine! Previously the magazine came out on a quarterly basis and it is likely that we will be following that format again in the future.
Join the battle!
I need you! Got some TF artwork? TF fiction to share? Maybe an article or review of some kind? Whatever your pleasure, we could use your talents to make our publication even better! Submit your art as a jpeg, gif or png (it doesn't really matter the format--just make sure it's something common enough we can open it). Articles/stories/text ideally should be in html, but we could even take Rtf, Word, Openoffice format, pdf (again, something common enough to open easily).

Terms of usage: We would prefer new art or content ideally (or little seen stuff). We ask for the right to publish said-content in an issue of the Transmasters Magazine and any potential compilation (should such a production arise). Otherwise, you retain all right to your creative work. We are a non-profit organization and cannot pay for content--but you will get free publicity for your talent (which we hope is a good exchange).

NEXT ISSUE: November 2010!

more information on the Transmasters:

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