woensdag 8 februari 2012

new stuff

Got some new stuff:

first some toys from the "hunt for the Decepticons" line: 5.99 euros each dicounted from 9.99 (about $ 7,94 each, before $13,24) yes toys are expensive here !


This toy looks actually very nice in vehicle but is crap to transform!


This one is very nice, great robot mode and okay vehicle mode. Not hard to transform at all!

then, some comics:

Death's head tpb volume 1

COOOL! Geoff Senior cover telling the story from dr who mag 135 until issue 7 of the regular series. VERY NICE, Yes ?

Death's head tpb volume 2

Again a winner! Lee Sullivan cover! contains issue 8 until what if 54, including "the body in question" !!!! recommended, Yes ?

and one more,
Who's There ? The life and career of William Hartnell by Jessica Carney (HardCover)

Being an huge First Doctor fan, I have been looking for this book for some time. I really like that era of dr who and the portrayal of the first doctor. I have seem some films of Mr Hartnell but I am looking very forward to reading this book and finding out what sort of person he may have been.

Greetings Johan

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