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Titan Transformers UK issue 4.20, May/Jun 2014.

"Epic final encore!"

Hi all !
Arriving somewhre in the past, the final TRANSFORMERS PRIME issue of the Titan series of Transformers
comics !

Now let's go to the Issue! Slighty bigger because of enhanced outer cover'

Page 00: cover consist of (archive ?) PRIME art of Starscream, and his 'minion'! Free toy is a "Bumblebee
blasterter !" again..... far from original since it's still another variant of the disc shooter/blaster
weapon, but that may change in the future ! You load the projectile into Bumblebee´s stomach and then
launch the little ball by pushing the lever on his back.

Page 02-03: Index Page.
Page 04-05: Transformers 4 Film and Game News page, foreshadowing the future !

Page 06-10: Part one of the the strip begins.

"Starscream´s Beast"
Script: Chris Cooper Art: Andres Ponce Lettering: Comicraft

Who ? Andres Ponce is a penciler and inker for Mirage Studios TMNT, Noble Cause and Firebirds from Image,
TMNT:Fast Forward and Star Wars from Titan Publishing (UK), Bankshot Comics. (actually started with issue
4.19 but I did not review that one.....)

Starscream is miffed with the Predacon Beast complaining that he gets no respect, so he decides to build
his own Beast ! The beast looks very similar to Generation One Tantrum, part of the Predaking combiner.
Starscream then can't seem to control him and not even the Insecticon drones can stop him when he
declares: I am a Supreme Beast and you have been judged unworthy. The sentence is destruction ! be continued on page 20  Great art by Ponce.

Page 11: Titan Magazines - Transformers subscription - offer advert.
Page 12-13:Soundwave's Stumpers-Puzzles and Quizzes.
Page 14: Transformers goodies Competition.
Page 15: Adventure time Magazine advert .
Page 16-17: Bulkhead VS Breakdown factfile clash.
Page 18-19: Decepticons (YES!) Poster.

Page 20-22: Part 2 of the strip! SPOILERS !

After a small standof between Starscream and Tantrum, Starscream tricks him into oblivion. Meanwhile
Predaking has sensed his kin which makes Megatron suspicious. Megatron finds the wreckage and questions 
Starscream. Starscream simply, with the aid of his cctv skills, tricks a decepticon drone into oblivion !
After that he continues plotting......

What a rushed and crap ending.

Page 23: Jackie's Jokes ! Humor page.
Page 24-25: Mega Movie Motors! information about some cars from the Transformer movies.
Page 26-27: Awesome Movie Quiz ! Concerns the first 3 films !
Page 28-30: The letterpages, hosted by Megamouth Megatron(HAIL!) (PRIME version) with a little help from
Arcee (also PRIME version).
Page 31: FBI Fuzzlers! - more puzzles (also one with Tantrum).
Page 32: Ratchet Recall ! Spot the Difference !
Page 33: Next issue blurb which looks like Movie 4 cover. On Sale 27th June 2014 !
Page 34: StarWars CloneWars Comic advert.
Page 35: Tantrum Terror Maze !Help Starscream escape his rampaging creation !
Page 34: Decepticon Dead Zone!  - Cut careful with scissors. to be used with special gift !

Dissapointing Comic strip scriptwise, art was better than last time! Too bad the strip didn't live up to
my standards.
score: 5.7 out of 10

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