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maandag 7 december 2015

Project Weight 2015-12-07

Hi everyone,

welcome to part 2 of a series of blogs about my weight.

My starting weight was 105.5 Kilograms and my ideal weight, considering my length of 1.85 meters would be 85 Kilograms.

Currently, I would be pleased to hang around the 92 kilgrams area but my main goal is to reach under 100 Kilograms.

A week has passed, what have I done?
-Walking the dog regularly for about 30 minutes a day,
-Avoiding carbs as much as possible.

for instance, my father and me like to visit a fastfood restaurant(and no, it's not that one ! )
where we eat once a week.
Since I no longer eat as much carbs as before and I don't want to dissapoint him by not eating together, I had to find something to eat on the menu.
I have settled for a burger without the bun and a local 'delight', something called a frikandel. And yes I know, far, far, far from a perfect meal to have when trying a diet but remember:

I am now finding out what I should and shouldn't eat.

Time for some facts:
This past 7 days I have:

Walked 13409 meters
In 3 hours, 14 minutes and 8 seconds.
At an average speed of 4,1 Kilometers per hour
Resulting in burning 1117.2 Kcal
Using 19159 Steps !

I continue at 104.8 Kg on 07-12-2015,
that's 0.7 Kilograms LESS that previous week !

Until next week !


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